Card Tokenization

Store your client's card information for a more secure and fast checkout experience.


With FawryPay, you can securely store one or more payment details per client. Storing your clients' payment data not only allows you to offer subscription payments, but also gives your clients a faster and more convenient checkout experience by using their stored card. We refer to these saved card details as card tokens and storing a client's card details as card tokenization.

Why Card Tokenization?

  1. Store your client's card details for a faster checkout experience later.
  2. Offer clients their stored payment details for later payments.
  3. Enable recurring payments for subscriptions, installments or a non-fixed schedule payments.

To save your client's payment details, you only need to trigger our create card token API. Then, FawryPay will generate a card token and send it back to your server for use in future payments. For later payments, you will need to make a charge request with your client reference ID and the token using our card token payment API.

PCI compliance

If you're not fully PCI DSS compliant, we recommend that you use FawryPay tokens to make payments. With tokens, you can offer an improved checkout experience to your clients.

Next Steps

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