FawryPay Android SDK

Accept popular payment methods with a single client-side implementation.

Before you start

Use this integration if you want your Android application to:

  • Accepts cards and other payment methods.
  • Saves and displays cards for reuse.

In order to have a smooth and seamless integration, make sure you have the following compatibility list satisfied.

item compatible version References
Android SDK Platform 4.4 (API level 19) and above Android developers' guide
Android Gradle Plugin 3.5.1 Android developers' guide
Gradle 5.4.1 and above gradle.org

How Android SDK Plugin Looks Like

How Android SDK Plugin Looks Like step one How Android SDK Plugin Looks Like step two How Android SDK Plugin Looks Like step three

Download and test our sample application.

How it works


On this page we will walk you through Android SDK integration steps:

  1. Initialize and Configure Android SDK.
  2. Present Payment options and collect you client's payment data accordingly.
  3. FawryPay Android SDK plugin will send payment request to FawryPay.
  4. Return payment processing information to our Android SDK plugin.
  5. Within your Android application, inform your client with the payment result.

Step 1: Setup and Configuration

This document illustrates how our gateway can be integrated within your Android application in simple and easy steps. Please follow the steps in order to integrate the FawryPay Android SDK in your application.

  1. Download and unzip Fawry Android SDK.
  2. Copy the extracted aar file to your project' libs folder.
  3. Android Copy Lib
  4. Configure your module Gradle build file by inserting the below repositories block inside the android block
                            repositories {
                                flatDir {
                                    dirs 'libs'
  6. Add the below dependencies (that are NOT already supported in your dependencies block) to your project, specify a dependency configuration such as implementation in the dependencies block of your build.gradle file.
  7. Copy and paste the implementation lines that are NOT already supported in your dependency block. (All listed dependencies are required).
                        //materialish library
                        implementation 'com.pnikosis:materialish-progress:1.7'
                        //support design library
                        implementation 'com.android.support:design:28.0.0'
                        //support design library
                        implementation 'com.android.support:cardview-v7:28.0.0'
                        implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.7.0'
                        implementation 'com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.7.0'
                        //retrofit logger interceptor
                        implementation 'com.squareup.okhttp3:logging-interceptor:4.2.2'
                        // google play services base
                        implementation 'com.google.android.gms:play-services-base:17.2.1'
                        implementation 'com.android.support:appcompat-v7:28.0.0'
                        // fawry plugin aar file -- you should use the latest version and replace 1.0.28 with the version code
                        implementation ('com.android.library:fawryplugin-release:1.0.28@aar')

Troubleshooting Common build issues

You may encounter one or more of the following errors during the Gradle build process. Please follow the provided solution corresponding to each error case.



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