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FawryPay has a variety of services designed to fit within your business needs. Choose the payment service that best fit your business.


Running an E-Commerce market place?

FawryPay E-Commerce Plugins

  • FawryPay empowers partners with payments plugins for leading e-commerce technology solutions
  • We offer payments plugins for the most leading e-commerce technology solutions, WooCommerce and Shopify, and Magento 2.
  • Our plugins are designed to give your clients the best checkout experience.
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No website? No problem

Pay By Link

Don’t operate an e-Store? No problem. Whether you do business on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook or through call centers, or you are looking for a way customers can pay directly for specific services or subscriptions, Fawry Digital’s pay-by-link platform provides a simple and convenient experience designed to keep your customers within easy reach. Receive payment at any time and place.

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Running a website and need a payment button or link?

FawryPay Express Checkout

  • The fastest way to build conversion-optimized payment forms hosted on FawryPay
  • A drop-in payments flow designed to drive the most seamless and easy payment integration.
  • Choose your convenient integration option, Checkout Button OR Checkout Link.
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Reaching your customers through Android/iOS mobile applications?

FawryPay Mobile SDks

  • FawryPay empowers partners with mobile SDKs satisfying the emerging need of mobile technology.
  • We offer mobile payment payment SDKs readily available for integration in your native mobile application.
  • We provide both, Android and iOS native payment plugins.
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Building your own platform from scratch?

FawryPay REST API Integration

  • Looking forward taking control over the look and feel of your checkout page? our set of comprehensive server side APIs are ready for you. With our set of APIs you can:
  • Make payments using Cards.
  • Issue tokens for your clients' Cards so a more secure payments.
  • Receive payments at any of our FawryPay POS retail store.
  • Take full control of checkout UI/UX elements.
  • Design your client’s payment options selection form.
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