Getting Started

Learn how to setup your FawryPay account.

To get started as a merchant with FawryPay, you need to create your FawryPay merchant account. This guide will walk you through the steps you need to follow to get your account ready for you.

Account Registration Form

  1. Navigate to Fawry Digital homepage and click on Get Started.
  2. Fawry Digital Homepage
  3. You will be redirected to FawryPay account registration form. You will need to fill in this form with required information, then, click on Create Account
  4. Fawry Digital Account Information
  5. Within the account information page, please fill the fields as described in the following table:
  6. field description example
    Name Your full name. Ahmed Ali
    Business Name The name of your business institution. MIMOCODES LLC.
    Email You Business Email.
    Business Type You business type. Individual / Corporate
    Phone Your primary contact phone number. Note that the phone number should be unique over FawryPay system. 01xxxxxxxxx
    Website URL The URL of your business website.
    Password Your account password. *************
    Password Confirmation Your account password confirmation. It must be in agreement with the password field. *************
    Business Category Select one the listed business categories. Retail | Telecom And Utilities | Government Services | Sports And Entertainment Insurance | Consumer Finance | Medical Services | ....
    Business Sub Category Narrow down your business scope as per your choice of business category. Food And Beverages | Fashion | Home Appliances | ....
    Inquiry Select the best match of our services that perfectly supports your business. Build your E-store | Pay By Link | .....
    Monthly Volume SThe expected monthly income of your business. NoneJustGettingStarted | LessThan50000EGP | .....
  7. Once you submit your account registration form, a confirmation screen will be displayed telling you that our team is working on your request and will be contacting you within a maximum of two days.
  8. Fawry Digital Account Confirmation
  9. After submitting your request, you will receive an email including your account information.
  10. Fawry Digital Account Confirmation

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