E-Wallet Payments

Learn how to accept E-Wallet payments with a QR code or R2P request.

Throughout this page, you will be guided to obtain a fully functional server to server integration. You will also learn how to use our set of comprehensive APIs to accept E-Wallet payments using either a QR code or request to pay (R2P) request.

Since the revolutionary era of mobile devices, mostly there is an app for everything. E-Wallet technology is becoming more popular every day. By linking their mobile wallet to their bank account or credit card, clients can pay for goods or services with their phone. FawryPay wallet payment APIs allow merchants to accept E-Wallet payments through either QR Code or R2P request.

How it works?

After a customer chooses to pay using his E-wallet, you have the option to send a mobile wallet payment request either through a QR Code or a R2P request. If you requested a QR payment, FawryPay will respond with a QR code for your client to scan to complete the transaction. Alternatively, if you requested a R2P request, a confirmation notification shall be sent to your client mobile device to complete payment confirmation.

wallet payment flow

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