Checkout Button Integration

Learn how to accept one-time payments with our self-hosted solution with a variety of payment methods.


Get started with just importing our cutting-edge JavaScript and cascaded style sheet (CSS) libraries into your checkout page. Our client checkout payment plugin relies on a checkout script that is continuously tested and updated to offer a frictionless payment integration experience. Checkout Button integration can scale from a simple integration with Dashboard-configured products to a full server integration, giving you the maximum flexibility. Checkout button integration equips your checkout session with all what you need to process the payment using a variety of payment methods designated during your merchant's account setup session. It renders the payment integration process as simple as a two steps process. First, import FawryPay JavaScript and CSS libraries into the header of your checkout page. Then, insert the checkout button for your customers to finalize the checkout process. Our FawryPay JavaScript library will accept the details of your customer’s intent and will resume the payment process with your provided checkout data. A checkout session will be created for your customers where they can complete their purchase. Once your customer has completed a purchase, they will be redirected to your pre-configured notification endpoint (Learn how to configure endpoints).

At this point, you have successfully integrated FawryPay checkout button. It remains to learn how to handle FawryPay Checkout Plugin Response.

Handling Charge Response

Whether you choose to go with FawryPay Checkout Button or Checkout Link integration solutions, you will end up with sending us your charge request. The exact details of the response of our FawryPay plugin response are explained in this page. Two possible outcomes are to happen whenever a client issue a payment through FawryPay checkout form, Successful or Failed payment process.

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